usmanleather.com own by Mrs Maheen Mumtaz a well known Fashion Designer of Leather garments, Being a successful jacket maker, we know, without a leather jacket, a wardrobe never assumes completion. Finding the best brand is not impossible here, as we are bringing a wide range of quality products in Pakistan.

A search for a decent leather jacket is actually ended here, where The Usman leather begins. We always try to provide high-quality fast-fashion outfits with luxurious looks. When we see the other brands, who introduce usually a single jacket in $800 or above, so how it could be possible for a common man to get it. usmanleather.com does not compromise on quality and try to give the best at a budget-friendly cost.

We keep thinking about, how to make good possibilities for fashionistas. We took it as a challenge, and make leather outfits easy to buy in a good quality material and at an affordable price. We deal directly with the customers and launched our first store in Karachi, Pakistan. We have beaten the international brands and now we are able to provide high-quality leather jackets in Pakistan also.

We offer designs for both men and women, we recreate clothing items in real leather, cotton, wool, flannel and faux. We announced the first time in Pakistan 24/7 customer services in order to provide our customers incredible experience around the clock. If you want to order, having an issue with your order, need help in your measurements, and more, you will always find us in your surroundings.


Why Usman Leather

The durability, comfort and top-notch high quality detailed products is what makes us the most trustworthy and valued leather jackets manufacturers.

Best Raw Materials

Everything begins with the raw materials and since everyone spends the most time finding the latest trends, we don’t utilize anything other than simply the most ideal materials. Our designs are made with full-grain leather, YKK Zippers, and viscose lining.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

Our products are carefully made; we have a team of experts who pay all their attention, making every design possible in a perfect manner. Design accuracy and a perfect fit are our core elements of success and we will keep going on with our same status of satisfaction.

Reasonable Pricing

We do not involve third party resources for our product selling, we always contact directly to our clients, so, we keep our prices minimum and create a loyal relationship with them.

Sizes that fit all

Perfection is an expression and this single word has all the meaning of a good clothing product in it. We pay attention to it. We really know there is a jolting thing about wearing incredible leather apparel. We introduce our all designs in all standard sizes, and also offer custom sizing at a minimal cost.

Disclosure and Expression

We focus on exclusivity, and also offer custom designs, our designers are very talented and create new looks for our valuable customers. We offer freedom of wearing and allow our customers to fully express themselves in a very unique way.

On-Time Delivery

Along with exclusivity, we are always on time and ensure the delivery in a promising time. We use world trustworthy courier services like DHL, FedEx and UPS and ensure a peaceful shopping experience.

Usman Leather is a name of quality and style, we have a huge number of customers who regularly keep in touch with us. Anything better than a quality product is availing discounts and free shipping services that we offer at all big occasions and events of the year. We prepare designs for all seasons; fashion comes and goes but our quality products keep fashion and style alive and gives a long-term comfortable wearing.

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